App13 Bruteforce Guide

Learn to reverse engineer through some common application security methods.
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Re: App13 Bruteforce Guide

Post by d3v11 on Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:42 pm
([msg=48265]see Re: App13 Bruteforce Guide[/msg])

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#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <cstdio>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
using namespace std;

int main()
string characters[93]; characters[91]="\\\\";
characters[1]="a"; characters[31]="E"; characters[61]="8";
characters[2]="b"; characters[32]="F"; characters[62]="9";
characters[3]="c"; characters[33]="G"; characters[63]="\\!";
characters[4]="d"; characters[34]="H"; characters[64]="\\@";
characters[5]="e"; characters[35]="I"; characters[65]="\\#";
characters[6]="f"; characters[36]="J"; characters[66]="\\$";
characters[7]="g"; characters[37]="K"; characters[67]="\\%";
characters[8]="h"; characters[38]="L"; characters[68]="\\^";
characters[9]="i"; characters[39]="M"; characters[69]="\\&";
characters[10]="j"; characters[40]="N"; characters[70]="\\*";
characters[11]="k"; characters[41]="O"; characters[71]="\\(";
characters[12]="l"; characters[42]="P"; characters[72]="\\)";
characters[13]="m"; characters[43]="Q"; characters[73]="\\-";
characters[14]="n"; characters[44]="R"; characters[74]="\\_";
characters[15]="o"; characters[45]="S"; characters[75]="\\=";
characters[16]="p"; characters[46]="T"; characters[76]="\\+";
characters[17]="q"; characters[47]="U"; characters[77]="\\[";
characters[18]="r"; characters[48]="V"; characters[78]="\\{";
characters[19]="s"; characters[49]="W"; characters[79]="\\]";
characters[20]="t"; characters[50]="X"; characters[80]="\\}";
characters[21]="u"; characters[51]="Y"; characters[81]="\\|";
characters[22]="v"; characters[52]="Z"; characters[82]="\\;";
characters[23]="w"; characters[53]="0"; characters[83]="\\:";
characters[24]="x"; characters[54]="1"; characters[84]="\\'";
characters[25]="y"; characters[55]="2"; characters[85]="\\\"";
characters[26]="z"; characters[56]="3"; characters[86]="\\,";
characters[27]="A"; characters[57]="4"; characters[87]="\\<";
characters[28]="B"; characters[58]="5"; characters[88]="\\.";
characters[29]="C"; characters[59]="6"; characters[89]="\\>";
characters[30]="D"; characters[60]="7"; characters[90]="\\/";

string character[93]; character[91]="\\";
character[1]="a"; character[31]="E"; character[61]="8";
character[2]="b"; character[32]="F"; character[62]="9";
character[3]="c"; character[33]="G"; character[63]="!";
character[4]="d"; character[34]="H"; character[64]="@";
character[5]="e"; character[35]="I"; character[65]="#";
character[6]="f"; character[36]="J"; character[66]="$";
character[7]="g"; character[37]="K"; character[67]="%";
character[8]="h"; character[38]="L"; character[68]="^";
character[9]="i"; character[39]="M"; character[69]="&";
character[10]="j"; character[40]="N"; character[70]="*";
character[11]="k"; character[41]="O"; character[71]="(";
character[12]="l"; character[42]="P"; character[72]=")";
character[13]="m"; character[43]="Q"; character[73]="-";
character[14]="n"; character[44]="R"; character[74]="_";
character[15]="o"; character[45]="S"; character[75]="=";
character[16]="p"; character[46]="T"; character[76]="+";
character[17]="q"; character[47]="U"; character[77]="[";
character[18]="r"; character[48]="V"; character[78]="{";
character[19]="s"; character[49]="W"; character[79]="]";
character[20]="t"; character[50]="X"; character[80]="}";
character[21]="u"; character[51]="Y"; character[81]="|";
character[22]="v"; character[52]="Z"; character[82]=";";
character[23]="w"; character[53]="0"; character[83]=":";
character[24]="x"; character[54]="1"; character[84]="'";
character[25]="y"; character[55]="2"; character[85]="\"";
character[26]="z"; character[56]="3"; character[86]=",";
character[27]="A"; character[57]="4"; character[87]="<";
character[28]="B"; character[58]="5"; character[88]=".";
character[29]="C"; character[59]="6"; character[89]=">";
character[30]="D"; character[60]="7"; character[90]="/";

int A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T;
       A=1; B=1; C=1; D=1; E=1; F=1; G=1; H=1; I=1; J=1;
       K=1; L=1; M=1; N=1; O=1; P=1; Q=1; R=1; S=1; T=1;

string DICT, EXH, FILE;

cout << "Enter the file to crack:" << endl;
cin >> FILE;

DICT = string("./dtr7z -F ") + FILE;

for (A=0; A<92; A++)
    for (B=0; B<92; B++)
        for (C=0; C<92; C++)
            for (D=0; D<92; D++)
                for (E=0; E<92; E++)
                    for (F=0; F<92; F++)
                       for (G=0; G<92; G++)
                           for (H=0; H<92; H++)
                               for (I=0; I<92; I++)
                                   for (J=0; J<92; J++)
                                       for (K=0; K<92; K++)
                                           for (L=0; L<92; L++)
                                               for (M=0; M<92; M++)
                                                   for (N=0; N<92; N++)
                                                       for (O=0; O<92; O++)
                                                           for (P=0; P<92; P++)
                                                               for (Q=0; Q<92; Q++)
                                                                   for (R=0; R<92; R++)
                                                                       for (S=0; S<92; S++)
                                                                           for (T=0; T<92; T++)
EXH = string("./exr7z -F ") + FILE + (" -P ") +
characters[A] + characters[B] + characters[C] + characters[D] + characters[E] +
characters[F] + characters[G] + characters[H] + characters[I] + characters[J] + 
characters[K] + characters[L] + characters[M] + characters[N] + characters[O] +
characters[P] + characters[Q] + characters[R] + characters[S] + characters[T];
cout << "[STATUS:] " <<
        character[A] << character[B] << character[C] << character[D] <<
        character[E] << character[F] << character[G] << character[H] <<
        character[I] << character[J] << character[K] << character[L] <<
        character[M] << character[N] << character[O] << character[P] <<
        character[Q] << character[R] << character[S] << character[T] << endl;

cout << "Sorry, bfr7z couldn't find the password." << endl;


that's part of a bruteforcer I wrote in C++. It works just fine and calls from a dictionary first and afterwards goes into an exhaustive mode if that fails. Perhaps that helps?
"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable." - Sun Tzu
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