0phidian's Root Challenge 2

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0phidian's Root Challenge 2

Post by 0phidian on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:42 pm
([msg=75382]see 0phidian's Root Challenge 2[/msg])

I made another rooting challenge. This one is much better than the previous one, in this one you will have to find an actual exploit. This one should be a little more flexible with the commands as well. It should require a bit of thinking. It's available for windows and linux, 64 and 32bit so everybody should be covered this time.
Good luck.


cmds: exit, ls [-l], ssh, cd, cat, ./, su, rm

Dear [insert your pseudonym here],
I need your help. I've been working on this incredible app in c++ and was planning on releasing it with an open source license, but this guy I know has stolen a copy of my source code and is going try to copyright it. You have to help me stop him. I need you to find and gain access to his box where he keeps his code, delete my code from his box and then delete the logs. The guy goes my the name madMax, he is such a noob that he had to steal my code. I've tried myself but haven't gotten far. I did manage to get a key logger installed on one of his machines but the log file just looks like a jumbled mess to me. Maybe you can find something useful in there.
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Re: 0phidian's Root Challenge 2

Post by 5ilic0n on Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:02 pm
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zerocool? awesome ;)
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