File shairing is a religion

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File shairing is a religion

Post by Cerebral Bore on Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:17 am
([msg=71764]see File shairing is a religion[/msg])

Missionary Church of Kopimism wellcoms all :D

In our belief, communication is sacred, CTRL+C and CTRL+V are sacred symbols.

-All knowledge to all
-The search for knowledge is sacred
-The circulation of knowledge is sacred
-The act of copying is sacred.
-Copying of information is ethically right.
-Dissemination of information is ethically right.
-Copymixing is a sacred kind of copying, moreso than the perfect, digital copying, because it expands and enhances the existing wealth of information
-Copying or remixing information communicated by another person is seen as an act of respect and a strong expression of acceptance and Kopimistic faith.
-The Internet is holy.
-Code is law.

The followers of the religion are called Kopimists.
A "Kopimist" or "Kopimist intellectual" is a person who has the philosophical belief that all information should be freely distributed and unrestricted. This philosophy opposes the monopolization of knowledge in all its forms, such as copyright, and encourages piracy of all types of media including music, movies, TV shows, and software

Sweden recognizes new file-sharing religion
Pope Richard Stallman
Sopa info link
Sopa info link 2

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