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Post by invictuz on Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:19 am
([msg=10909]see CAPTCHA HELP!!!![/msg])

Ok, first let me say that i am a beginner at hacking/coding etc. Ive done a few things. Easy though. Anyway, i found a program that mimics your mouse movements/keyboard movements and turns those movements into a program which, you may or may not want to loop. In my case i did. What for? An online game ^_^ Yea, sad i know, but hey, thought id make my life a little easier.

Anyway, i can go for about half an hour without doing a damn thing on the game and doing even better than what i would be if i wasnt using the program. Unfortunately, one thing stands between me and making this perfect: captcha. :evil:

So, after pouring over pages and pages, hours and hours of how they work, how they can be read by the computer, i found...absolutely...nothing; except that hackthissit probably could help :mrgreen:

So: please help me with my problem. You have no idea how much i would appreciate it.

Is there any program available that can read these images? Anyway of completely ignoring them and continuing with the game? Anyway of tricking it into thinking it has the right letters?

If any of you are completely stumped, which, i would eat my shoe if you were, please take a look at this.

Probably was the most useful post i had found. If someone could put that in lamemans terms....*sigh*

Thank you all
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Post by thedotmaster on Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:06 am
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Captcha beating is possible. Definitely.
However, it is damn hard and can involve complex algorithms.
I would start by separating the image into blocks automatically by coding the bot to scan each horizontal line at a time to check for dark pixels (you'd need to find the exact levels). Then you can work on producing a way of recognising characters based on their structure. It's hard going but doable. Worth it if you can do it.
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