C++ question...

C++ question...

Post by Desoxena on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:11 pm
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So I have been getting into openGL(C++) lately, and was wondering, can you put functions into an array?

funcArray(main(), Initialize(), Draw());
Can you do this? And if so, how?
and if not, what are equivalent/better alternatives?
thanks! :D
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Re: C++ question...

Post by Assassian360 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:29 pm
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I would say that typically it would be impractical to do this. Particularly since then knowing what functions should be taking what parameters if they need parameters can be complex. That isn't even considering how annoying to debug or read your code it could make it.

It is actually possible to create an array of pointers to functions and dereference and call those functions with parameters. See this following link if you are interested: http://www.newty.de/fpt/fpt.html
A quick search on google brought that straight out.

There are various different ways of doing the types of things you are wanting with the calling of different functions at different times. What exactly are you wanting to achieve by putting the function calls into an array as opposed to using a switch or IF statement?
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Re: C++ question...

Post by thetan on Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:32 pm
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It's actually a really practical design pattern and it's known as a jump table. It's more of a common design pattern in purely functional languages like Haskel and Lisp and a equally powerful design pattern highly used in lesser functional languages like Javascript, Python and Ruby (no, C is not a functional language and neither is C++, the prior is a procedural language with the latter being an OOP/procedural language)

However the rest of your concerns in large remain valid. As part of the design pattern all the possible functions _should_ take all the same arguemnts.

FYI: i emphasize should because it's language dependent wether it should or shouldn't but in C/C++ they have to take the same arguments.

All you do is create an array of function pointers and populate the array with pointers to functions you will want to call. You can then pass then call them by offset

You can see a running example i wrote up in 5 seconds here: http://codepad.org/r6x6VD4o
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